Air King

Air-King Multi-Sage Media Air Cleaners

Horizontal straight-through and t-shaped configuration ambient media units, vertical portable units, robotic weld cell filter hoods, filter wall modules and vertical media mist collectors.


Multi-Stage Vertical Media Oil and Mist Collectors

MachineMaster vertical source-capture media collectors ranging from 400-12,000 CFM airflow provide a total solution for control of oil and vapor mist pollutants from metal working processes. Easy to install and maintain; configured to meet your exact application needs. NOTE: See dust collection section for other ProVent Equipment.

Royal Products

Centrifugal Mist Collectors

Low-cost, highly efficient mist and smoke collectors designed specifically for the metalworking industry.


Indoor Air Quality

Multi-filter technologies – packaged and engineered electrostatic precipitators, media and electronic air cleaners and mist collectors, portable units and much more.


Air Cleaning Equipment

Industrial Air Treatment

For custom dust collection and air cleaning challenges – design, consulting and engineered solutions for new and existing installations. ACE will review the complete system to include the hoods/pick-up points, ductwork and dust collector for maximum performance and return on your investment.


Heavy-Duty High Performance Dust Collection Equipment

Vertical down-flow cartridge collectors, cyclone separators, robotic weld cell cartridge collectors, environmental booth modules and enclosures, backdraft work benches, weld stations, downdraft tables, and more.


Unique Design and Engineering Approaches for Dust Collection and Pneumatic Conveying

Air pollution control systems, bulk material handling and conveying systems, reverse air round baghouses, pulse jet baghouses, bag dump stations, bulk bag unloaders, bin vents, filter receivers, cyclones, cartridge collectors and much more.


Superior Engineered and Manufactured Industrial Ventilation Equipment

Wet dust collection equipment consisting of downdraft tables, environmental booths and ducted systems for combustible metal working applications.

Scientific Dust Collectors

Advanced Cleaning- High Performance Dust Collection Equipment

Product line includes high ratio (air-to-media) baghouses, high ratio (air-to-media) horizontal and vertical cartridge collectors, cyclone separators, bin vents, downdraft tables and more.




AirBear Replacement Filters


Air Filtration

For commercial and industrial HVAC systems.


HVAC Filtration Products

For commercial, industrial and institutional applications – offers the broadest line of filtration products in the industry. Products are sold under the brand names: Airguard®, ATI and Purolator™.

Glasfloss Industries

Filtration Products and Accessories

Air cleaning replacement filters, gds disposable panel filters, pleated filters and automatic roll filters.